15 Feb 2022
Scalp Micropigmentation Results

SMP Certification. Where Can I Get Scalp Micropigmentation Training?

Permanent make-up is becoming a fast-growing industry, so getting Scalp Micropigmentation Training and Certification should definitely be on your to-do list. If you’re looking for a career that pays well that you don’t have to do every day and provides customers with long-term results, this is definitely for you. Finding the best Scalp Micropigmentation Training and Certification can save you a lot of time and money while providing you high quality training from the best tattooers.

Scalp Micro SD is offering training to those interested in scalp micropigmentation. It’s an excellent skill for any tattooing artist to have, as well as barbers who want to increase their clientele or people who just want to possess the skill. Offering in-person training in San Diego, Scalp Micro SD will work with you on not only perfecting SMP, but beard micropigmentation as well! It is in Scalp Micro SD that you can get the best Scalp Micropigmentation Training and Certification.

As many people suffer from hair thinning or loss due to age, genetics, or certain conditions like alopecia, they’re constantly looking for a method that will give them their hair back and their lives. They’re yearning for the confidence they used to possess, and you can give that back to them once you have your Scalp Micropigmentation Training and Certification. Getting your training at Scalp Micro SD, you’ll learn from a master SMP technician who, in turn, will turn you into a master as well!

More on Scalp Micro Pigmentation Training and Certification

With Scalp Micro SD’s Scalp Micropigmentation Training and Certification, you would understand that the only hair restoration procedure that guarantees success is SMP. It uses micro-needles to embed pigment into the scalp in areas that are balding or thinning with the use of an electric tattooing device. Those tiny dots take on the look of hair follicles to make the hair look fuller. The technique that is used during micropigmentation is called “pointillism”, a technique adapted from a painting that uses small dots of pigment to form a pattern or image, except for SMP, those dots would be applied in a way that mimics hair follicles on the scalp. A steady hand is needed to do this procedure.

This is similar to semi-permanent eyebrow procedures, such as microshading, except microshading uses an electric or manual rotary machine. This procedure can help the client mimic any hairline they prefer as well as blending hair they already have with the pigment for an undetectable look. The look would mimic that of a buzz-cut or stubble for those who come in with little to no hair. SMP can also cover any scars from previous hair transplant surgeries, hide burns and treat conditions like Alopecia. Compared to hair transplants, a surgical procedure that takes hair from one part of the body and transfers it to the scalp, this procedure is more cost-friendly and is guaranteed to be successful.

Each session takes between 2-4 hours depending on how much hair was lost. Clients don’t have to do too much to maintain it and don’t have to go in often for touch ups!

How much could you make doing SMP?

With proper training, you could make over $4,000 for every scalp treatment and as much as $1,000 for every beard treatment. Micropigmentation artists usually make between $55,000 and $80,000 if they do around 12 procedures a month, which makes this a lucrative career and a great service to add to any business you already have!

More About Scalp Micro SD

Scalp Micro SD has been helping customers restore their hair with SMP for years, as well as training people on how to do scalp micropigmentation procedures. Based in San Diego, they provide elite training for anyone of any skill level, turning any newcomer into an advanced professional in only a few days!

What Does Training Look Like With Scalp Micro SD?

There’s many online training courses that cover SMP, but none do as much justice as completing in-person training, as this technique is best done when you’re learning hands on. Certain places will also try to sell overpriced starter kits.

Scalp Micro SD’s SMP training takes three days to complete. You’ll be taught by a master SMP technician, teaching you not only the technique, but also how to do business and how to market yourself. You’ll learn things, such as acquiring SMP candidates, how to set up your workstation and break it down, how to blend and fade, building your portfolio and so much more!

Each day, you’ll be trained for seven hours. During your first day of training, you’ll watch Alex, your master technician, as he shows you what the process of SMP looks like. He’ll also teach you how to analyze hairlines that already exist for enhancement purposes as well as avoiding cross-contamination and gaining clientele! Alex will then go through the SMP theoretical curriculum and discuss building your portfolio. He’ll teach you how to market yourself on social media, as it is the perfect platform for any SMP technician!

For the next two days, you’ll be learning hands-on working on real people! Alex will teach you the multi-step process of designing hairlines that fits each client’s head shape and hair thickness.

After these three days, you’ll be ready to increase your clientele and change people’s lives forever!

More About Alex

Alex Alshayeb has been in the permanent cosmetic industry for over five years. He specializes in SMP and beard restoration. He’s the CEO and founder of Scalp Micro SD as well as the co-owner of PIGMENT Tattoo Studio, a permanent cosmetics studio. He’s worked with over a thousand clients and has a reputation of being one of the most skilled SMP specialists.

Requirements for Scalp Micropigmentation Training and Certification

To be able to start training, you have to complete blood-borne pathogen training before attending the program. This test is under $40 and it takes some hours to complete. This is a mandatory step in order to use the SMP equipment.

Come to Scalp Micro SD and get the best Scalp Micropigmentation Training and Certification

We’ve tailored our training program for the busy professional who’s looking to thoroughly learn a new skill without spending too much time away from their business. We even have hotels that are five minutes away by foot. Come train with us! Contact Scalp Micro SD now!

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