27 Dec 2021
Start an SMP Artist Career with Scalp MicroSD

Start an SMP Artist Career with Scalp MicroSD

Amid the era of focusing on self-care and aesthetics, the scalp micropigmentation industry is growing dramatically. It means that the market is in dire need of highly trained and dedicated practitioners across the nation. It’s about time that you start an SMP artist career with Scalp Micro SD.

This semi-permanent make-up technique helps clients achieve natural, enhanced, and fuller features through a non-invasive technique. 

Here we discuss how you can become an expert at scalp micropigmentation to help clients further beautify their looks: 

What is Micropigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation, or SMP, is a non-invasive practice that helps create the illusion of natural and fuller hair. 

People often confuse micro-blading and micropigmentation; however, the two categories are entirely different. While micro-blading involves a manual blade, experts perform micropigmentation using an electric tattoo device. 

Also known as pointillism, in micropigmentation, experts create a layer of tiny dots colored in various hues of black. In this way, they create a natural-looking depth to your existing hair.

Why do People Seek Micropigmentation?

Millions of men and women experience hair loss problems due to genetic or dermatologic conditions. Unfortunately, this can lead to various psychological effects, such as lowered self-esteem, depression, and anxiety. 

People seek various aesthetic and dermatologic surgeries to combat this, including hair transplant, micro-blading, and even micropigmentation. 

Typically, people with the following problems choose micropigmentation:

  • Cancer 
  • Alopecia Areata 
  • Thinning hair
  • Male or female genetic baldness

What are the Benefits of Scalp Micropigmentation?

When you start an SMP artist career with Scalp MicroSD, you would understand that Scalp micropigmentation is an excellent way of concealing the damage that genetic baldness or natural hair loss brings. Here we discuss its top benefits:

  • Scalp micropigmentation restores your natural hairline if you’re experiencing baldness
  • Effectively reduces the impact of burns, scarring, or blemishes on your scalp
  • Conceals varying forms of alopecia and diffuses thinning 
  • It is an affordable treatment compared to other surgeries, such as hair transplants 

What Does it Take to Become a Scalp Micropigmentation Technician?

Scalp micropigmentation technicians channel their skills, experience, and knowledge to create fuller and enhanced brows. To become a professional scalp micropigmentation technician, you should have:

  • Knowledge of skin physiology 
  • Certification of SMP training 
  • Learn how to use necessary tools and equipment 
  • Ensure you wear adequate protection during treatment, including a medical-grade mask and gloves

Why Start an SMP Artist Career?

Are you stuck contemplating the pros and cons of micropigmentation? To make the task easier for you, we’ve added a couple of reasons why you should consider getting SMP training:

It’s a Rapidly Growing Industry 

Hair loss is a huge market, with more than 81,964 surgical patients seeking solutions. And scalp micropigmentation is the latest trend in the hair treatment world. 

With SMP, technicians can create the illusion of shaved hair or thicker hair without using invasive or harmful tools. Instead, experts inject pigments on the client’s scalp to make the hair appear darker and natural.

You need to learn the skill, receive licenses, and complete educational programs to perform this procedure. You can get all these if you start an SMP artist career with Scalp MicroSD.

Helps Bring a Positive Change in Other People’s Life

Hair loss and pattern baldness can cause decreased quality of life, lower self-esteem, and even depression. 

By learning scalp micropigmentation, you can help people learn to be comfortable in their skin. In addition, you allow them to lead a carefree and happy life without worry and embarrassment. 

Helps Learn New and Useful Skills

Scalp micropigmentation training helps you become a certified professional capable of performing complex treatments.

Once you undergo SMP training, you’ll learn how to create stunning looks in people experiencing hair loss. You’ll be able to use various tools, techniques, and practices to combat baldness and hair loss. 

Why Start an SMP Artist Career to Unleash Your Inner Power?

Scalp micropigmentation is a medical process. Although it is safe with comparatively fewer side effects, an unqualified and inexperienced artist can risk a client’s health. 

Choosing Scalp MicroSD’s training course offers you the following benefits:

Hands-on-Hands Experience from Experts

More than 80 million U.S. citizens experience hair loss, and most are seeking newer, more innovative ways to combat this issue. Consequently, micropigmentation is experiencing rapid growth.

Here at MicroSD, we set you up for success in the hair loss industry by offering you hands-on experience from experts. It means that you get to learn the art and business of SMP from an experienced and trained professional. 

Learn the Right Techniques 

Scalp Micro SD is committed to teaching you the proper techniques and best practices. Not only do we hire expert technicians to teach you the art of SMP, but we also provide you with the info essential to perform processes safely.

Once you get your certificate, you’ll be able to apply effective techniques to replicate hair follicles for people with patterned baldness, hair thinning, or other hair loss issues. You’ll also learn:

  • Scalp micropigmentation pre-and-postcare
  • How to acquire SMP clients 
  • Workstation set-up and breakdown
  • Barbering basics for SMP
  • Creating custom hairlines 

Help People Feel Happier and More Beautiful 

Scalp micropigmentation takes hair restoration surgeries to a whole new level. This non-invasive surgery is neither painful nor expensive and helps clients feel confident and happier.

 Hair loss can make people feel less attractive and worthy and may even be a painful reminder of the past. By learning SMP from MicroSD, you can help them gain their confidence and feel that previous traumatic experiences do not overshadow their lives.

The Bottom Line: Start an SMP Artist Career

Scalp micropigmentation is a fast-growing industry expected to reach $45 billion by 2025. Learn the skill today by venturing onto Scalp MicroSD, where we offer you a one-of-a-kind hands-on-hand experience. 

Help clients achieve their dream looks by understanding how to perform micropigmentation expertly. Get started by giving us a call or clicking on our training program!