03 May 2023
SMP Artist of the Month

Industry-Wide Recognition: Microbeau Recognized Alex’s Skill in Scalp Micropigmentation

Alex Alshayeb, the founder of Scalp Micro SD, and the best SMP Artist in San Diego, was recently recognized by Microbeau as among the best SMP Artists of the month. This award highlights the undeniable expertise of Alshayeb in the field of Scalp Micropigmentation.

Microbeau.com stated in their official publication that “Microbeau has chosen to highlight a few select SMP artists who truly shine in our PMU community. We gifted them with one of our latest and greatest PMU devices, the Flux S Max Oudwood.” This award is indeed a testament to the tremendous amount of dedication that Alex Alshayed is doing to perfecting the art of SMP at Scalp Micro SD, the best SMP clinic in San Diego.

Meet Alex and Scalp Micro SD

Alex is a licensed SMP artist specializing in scalp micropigmentation, beard restoration, and lip blush. He founded Scalp Micro SD in San Diego, California, offering various SMP services such as hairline restoration, scar camouflage, and alopecia treatment.

Over the years, Alex has helped bring back the confidence many people have lost due to hair loss or thinning hair. With the use of his favorite Flux S Max Oudwood and other Flux machines, Alex has not only mastered SMP but also mastered helping his valued clients regain their self-esteem. Alex has also founded the Scalp Micro SD Academy giving training to artists who wanted to tread the promising path of SMP as he did.

What does the Microbeau SMP Artists of the Month Award Mean?

Microbeau is the biggest tattoo machine and needle manufacturer in the world. In addition, it is the world’s leading manufacturer of SMP equipment, including the world-famous Flux S Max, and supplies such as tattoo pigments and cartridges. Microbeau follows world-class standards and uses state-of-the-art techniques in manufacturing world-renowned SMP supplies and equipment designed with SMP artists’ needs in mind, focusing on precision, reliability, and ease of use.

This Microbeau SMP Artist of the Month Award given to Alex comes with the recognition that Alex and Scalp Micro SD’s SMP practice is also world-class. This award is proof of Alex’s exceptional work and indisputable expertise. This remarkable achievement is a testament to his talent, dedication, and passion for SMP.

Scalp Micro SD: Your Best Scalp Micropigmentation Clinic in San Diego

So if you are looking for an exceptionally reliable SMP treatment in San Diego, Scalp Micro SD is the best place to go. Alex Alshayeb, your highly talented and internationally recognized SMP artist, is dedicated to providing top-notch SMP services that will make you ever confident again. So contact Scalp Micro SD now, and with Alex, the best SMP Artist in San Diego, take the first step towards your SMP transformation.

SMP Artist of the Month SMP Artist of the Month