01 Nov 2021
Hair Tattoo for Hair Loss

Scalp Micropigmentation aka Hair Tattoo for Hair Loss

When hair loss begins, some men find it high time to hit the drawing board. It’s time to look for the best provider of Scalp Micropigmentation or Hair Tattoo for Hair Loss.

New hair styles, haircuts, wigs, perms—the list of aesthetic fixes is extensive, and it can be grating on any guy or girl with fading follicles. 

You could find comfort in the simple fix of a hat, but come to realize that hats aren’t appropriate in places like the office or a formal dinner. Or, maybe you don’t want something over your head all the time, as it can be a lot to manage. And new hair styles or trendy haircuts can spare you in the meantime, but with a fading hairline, the clock is always ticking. 

Permanent solutions like invasive hair transplants don’t tend to be so permanent—and that’s if the operation is actually successful. Some patients that spend the $4,000-15,000 on the medical operation may find themselves at a heft loss when the result isn’t exactly what the before-and-after photos promised.

One solution that’s becoming more popular as technology advances is the “hair tattoo for hair loss”, known professionally as scalp micropigmentation. SMP solves the same hair loss problem as a hair transplant, but at a much lower cost, with lower risks. See, SMP is successful 100% of the time: there’s no depending on genetics required. The comparisons between SMP and hair transplants are endless, but simply put: a hair transplant is a pricier, trickier, and riskier undertaking. 

Although SMP solves the same problem as a hair transplant, the procedure is most similar to the pointillist technique used in painting—like getting a tattoo (hence “hair tattoo”). SMP creates new impressions upon the skin (opposed to the re-appropriation technique of hair transplants), allowing SMP artists to model, color, and apply the ultra-fine dots for different skin types and complexions.

It’s in this way that the scalp micropigmentation procedure is customized for each individual, and can be planned according to their aesthetic preferences. The hair tattoo is most commonly used to add density to a thinning hairline, as it’s layered in with existing hair. This technique works with hair of all lengths, even for women’s hairdos. If you’re completely bald, SMP can be used on the scalp to create an uncanny resemblance to a buzz cut, adding a layer of depth over the skin. 

Any men seeking medical treatments to hair loss will probably find themselves fighting a losing battle. However, there are solutions to hair loss that will give you the confidence to show your head with pride—and without a baseball cap. 



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