27 Dec 2021
Scalp Micro SD Training Versus Other SMP Courses

Scalp Micro SD Training Versus Other SMP Courses

Learn the art of scalp micropigmentation from Scalp MicroSD to improve the self-image and life of people dealing with hair loss. By looking at Scalp Micro SD Training Versus Other SMP Courses, you will understand what makes Scalp Micro SD stand out from the competition:

Learn from Certified Experts at Scalp Micro SD Training

Here at Scalp Micro SD, we provide you unparalleled in-person training and hands-on experience from professional and diligent trained experts. 

Most SMP trainers offer online and in-person training. While taking online SMP classes sounds fun and convenient, learners miss the essential aspects of SMP learning, development, and creation.

To learn proper SMP skills, learners need to see the creation of hairlines in-person rather than online. 

Through physical classes, trainees can effectively learn the precise movement involved in creating intricate hairlines.

A Holistic Training Plan 

Often SMP courses last over two weeks and teach learners only how to create hairlines to tackle hair loss and baldness issues.

These courses don’t teach you what comes before or after the scalp micropigmentation process. Nor do you learn workstation etiquettes, set up processes, or understand different machines.  Here lies the edge of Scalp Micro SD Training Versus Other SMP Courses because we provide a holistic training program that would enhance your skill on SMP. Scalp MicroSD is dedicated to providing a holistic training program. Here, you get to learn:

  •     SMP blending and fading skills
  •     SMP pre and post-care 
  •     Ways to create stunning hairlines 
  •     How to camouflage hair transplant scars 
  •     Basic know-how about barbering and the color theory necessary to excel at SMP 
  •     To effectively acquire customers and retain them and create impressive portfolios

Time and Cost-Effective

We believe that your time is precious. For this reason, we optimize our courses to last no longer than three days. 

Our courses are comparatively shorter while providing you with extensive knowledge and training. Here, you learn how to use appropriate machinery and tools at the right time, among many other exciting classes. 


Some scalp micropigmentation salons offer overpriced ‘starter packs’ to reel you into their money-making schemes. Consequently, trainees learn nothing from these courses.

However, here at Scalp Micro SD, we ensure our training courses are competitively priced, and 100% reliable.

The Bottom Line of Scalp Micro SD Training

Scalp micropigmentation is a fast-growing industry expected to reach $45 billion by 2025. Learn the skill today by venturing onto Scalp MicroSD, where we offer you a one-of-a-kind hands-on-hand experience. 

Help clients achieve their dream looks by understanding how to perform micropigmentation expertly. Get started by giving us a call or clicking on our training program!