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03 May 2023
SMP Artist of the Month

Industry-Wide Recognition: Microbeau Recognized Alex’s Skill in Scalp Micropigmentation

Alex Alshayeb, the founder of Scalp Micro SD, and the best SMP Artist in San Diego, was recently recognized by Microbeau as among the best SMP Artists of the month. This award highlights the undeniable expertise of Alshayeb in the field of Scalp Micropigmentation. stated in their official publication that “Microbeau has chosen to […]

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14 Mar 2023
Scalp Micropigmentation Results

How to Care for Your Scalp Micropigmentation Results: Do’s and Don’ts

Scalp micropigmentation has transformed the lives of many individuals experiencing hair loss through an innovative cosmetic procedure. Here’s how you can care for your Scalp Micropigmentation results to enjoy it longer than usual. With proper aftercare, the results of scalp micropigmentation can last up to five years. It makes it a long-lasting solution for hair […]

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08 Mar 2023
Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment

Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment is your best Hair loss Solution

Hair loss can be a stressful, frustrating, and embarrassing problem for many people. Moreover, it can be a significant cause of anxiety and depression in many people, especially those losing their hair at an alarming rate. Whether it’s due to genetics, stress, or other factors, it can leave you self-conscious and lacking in confidence. But […]

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08 Apr 2022
Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment

Choosing The Best Scalp Micropigmentation Artist

It takes a lot of work to decide the best Scalp Micropigmentation artist to do the SMP for you. But when you know, you know. Luckily, scalp micropigmentation, essentially a “hair tattoo”, is certain to work—so at this point, you shouldn’t have any doubt as you take the next steps to your desired hairline. This […]

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