27 Jun 2021
smp training

Scalp Micropigmentation – 3 day SMP Training Course Step-By-Step

What is SMP? SMP is a newly popular, non-surgical method to combat baldness, preserve hairlines, and create new ones. Scalp micropigmentation takes the longstanding art of eyebrow microblading to a whole new level, and customers are catching on fast. Not nearly as painful, risky or expensive as a hair transplant procedure—and unlike natural solutions to […]

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13 May 2021
hair loss

Thinning Hair in Men: how to treat and cover hair loss?

Any man can find himself distressed by hair loss—followed by the proverbial hair loss grief. The denial, the anger… the carefully coordinated haircuts, hats, and scarves—it’s a process that unravels slowly but can inflict serious harm. Hair loss can affect anyone’s personal relationships, career ambitions, and unavoidably, one’s self-esteem. According to the American Hairloss Association […]

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