What is SMP?

SMP is a newly popular, non-surgical method to combat baldness, preserve hairlines, and create new ones. Scalp micropigmentation takes the longstanding art of eyebrow microblading to a whole new level, and customers are catching on fast. Not nearly as painful, risky or expensive as a hair transplant procedure—and unlike natural solutions to hair loss, success is guaranteed!

Who Can Do SMP?

Check our Instagram and see comments from all over the world: people are interested in getting SMP for themselves—which means opportunities are opening up for barbers and tattoo artists alike. SMP is a long-term investment for customers, who are willing to pay $2,000-$4,000 for a semi-permanent solution—which means it’s an even longer-term investment for barbers and tattoo artists looking to forge a path into this burgeoning industry! SMP is an investment for your business.

How Do I Get SMP Trained?

SMP Training is offered by a lot of services, both online and in-person. Doing SMP Training online sounds convenient, but misses out on the tangible aspects of SMP creation: the hands-on designing of hairlines is something you should see in person. In fact, the whole process should be seen in person, because precise, measured movements is the name of the game. Also, some training programs are looking to sell you overpriced “starter kits”. It’s certainly not a dead giveaway, but don’t be afraid to shop around and see who has experience to impart, and who’s just selling a product. 

Learn hands-on from a master SMP technician

A real, experienced professional can personally teach you the art and the business of scalp micropigmentation. 

Micropigmentation causes stunning looks in sufferers of hair loss that inspire. Therefore it’s only natural that social media is a fertile landscape for building up your SMP reputation. 

If you can master the craft of micropigmentation—you can learn how to market yourself like Scalp MicroSD.

Alex from Scalp Micro SD




Shadow An Expert, Learn The Curriculum

Our program begins with the basics so you can be fully prepared for the hands-on stuff—we are dealing with ink, after all! 

We start our three-day program with a shadowing of Alex as he goes through his SMP process. This way, you see the potential of the program, and comprehensively recognize what you can achieve. Plus, you’ll know the questions to ask when we break out of the theory and into the practice for Days 2 and 3. 

See, Scalp MicroPigmentation is an art, and every artist requires training. But there’s also a concrete science behind it. And Alex will teach you how to analyze existing hairlines for enhancing, prevent cross-contamination and how to acquire & consult with customers.

Then, Alex will take you through the SMP theoretical curriculum, touching on a variety of crucial topics, like Color Mixing & Theory, Building Your Portfolio, and How To Establish And Grow Your Brand on Social Media. 


Social Media Marketing

The secret weapon to nurturing your SMP career growth. Alex has reached millions of users online, drawing attention from all over the world to Scalp MicroSD, which translates to more patients through the door. As the idea of micropigmentation is becoming popularized, now is the ideal time to jump in and establish your voice, audience, and potential customer pool. 

Alex will teach you how to attract an audience, acquire SMP customers from that crowd, and walk them through the learning process—all the way to their long-awaited procedure.  

DAY 2 & DAY 3

This is why people choose us over the online training course. 

You need hands-on training, especially for the nuanced, multi-step process of creating custom hairlines



There are so many types of hairlines, and a micropigmentation procedure lasts for years. You must be able to line it up well—so learn it in person. Every person’s hairline is unique, with several variables to consider: Head Shape, Hair Thickness, Age, and more! We bring in live models—real people who serve as practice patients for our students—and Alex teaches you how to design the best hairlines for their desired look. 



We made our training program efficient so we can keep costs affordable. Besides, we have customers to take care of too! And you’ll find that after Day 3 of our comprehensive SMP Training Program, you’ll be ready to market yourself, find customers in need of semi-permanent hair loss solutions, and put your in-depth training to use! 



  • Don’t let easy logistical hiccups stop you from expanding your business. There are always going to be reasons to avoid an in-person course, but we can help you make it work. We’ve had students come from all over the country, even internationally! 
  • Hotels within FIVE MINUTE WALK of Our Studio. 
  • Call our office if you have any accommodation concerns; we can personally help you figure it out.


Read some of our most recent testimonials to discover why our customers love ScalpMicroSD.

Alex is the absolute best in this very specialized industry. If you’re going to get this work done you want to be sure the person doing it knows his craft, and Alex certainly exceeds that standard. I met with him for a free consultation and he fully explained the procedure – he was very patient with all the questions I had for him. Read more on Google.

If you are thinking of getting SMP, this is the place to do it. Alex is an elite artist both when it comes to his work ethic and customer service. The same can be said for his team who are friendly and posses great mannerism. Furthermore, I love how the procedure came out, those close to me love it as well. Read more on Google.

A1 quality, A1 service, I’m more then happy with the out come of my hair. I look and feel like a new person!!! Def the best in the business